Kolejkowo – miniature railway world and more

Do you feel like stepping into a different world? A world which seems well known but minimized, which gives you a chance to take look at it from a distance? Like looking at the mirror and seeing what you know so well but in a different dimension or reality? That is the feeling that you get when entering Kolejkowo – the largest railway model in Poland.

You can see it in two locations in Poland – Wroclaw and Gliwice. In Wroclaw it is located in an former railway station (Świebodzki Station) in a center of Wrocław, which gives the additional value of genius loci. We enter through the elegant neoclassical gate of the XIX – century station and what do we see? A miniature world! For anybody – like me – raised in Silesia Region of Poland it is like a coming back to childhood family excursions. Rural life, mountain resort of Karpacz, tiny figures of tourists, villages, forests, shops, country scenes like wedding or funeral. All of this along the net of railway tracks (460 meters) on which run 15 trains pulling 60 wagons. And there is Wroclaw – my home city, the old and proud capital of Lower Silesia, you can see its vast and lively market square, streets, buildings, immediately recognizable street views.

In Gliwice – a city located in traditionally coal mining region of Upper Silesia – you can see its typical landmarks, a renovated main railway station, and a floating boat! Summing up, Kolejkowo is a great fun for young and old and a truly unique entertainment for the whole family. Take the grandparents, cousins and friends with you and I am sure everybody will be excited to find something he or she enjoys the most! Our kids loved the day and night effect in Wroclaw and thunders and rain in Gliwice. And what was your favourite thing in Kolejkowo? Let us know!

Kolejkowo is a great fun for young and old and a truly unique entertainment for the whole family.


Kolejkowo in numbers:


  • 430 meters of railway tracks                                       
  • 15 trains                                                                            
  • 60 wagons                                                                          
  • 224 buildings                                                                   
  • 2850 figures of people and animals                             


  • 460 meters of railway tracks
  • 12 trains
  • 58 wagons
  • 235 buildings 
  • 3200 figures of people and animals 


All useful information can be found at the website kolejkowo.pl

It is good to know that Kolejkowo welcomes visitors daily (also on holidays)! 


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