Salses Fortress is one of the finest example of early modern military architecture we’ve ever seen. Situated around 15 km from Perpignan, France, it was built between 1497 and 1504 by the Spanish to protect against the French. The history of the fortress goes back to the Hannibal times. In 218 BC he was plannng...
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"Camels only" parking with a perfectly well parked item in the foreground ;)
We all love to travel to places which call themselves the end of the world. Let me present you yet another one – Harar. Never heard of it? Then read further to learn more about this surprising place. Living in Europe or in North America you are most likely used to the fact that when...
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Edward I Cearnarfon castle Wales
Britain has the largest collection of castles in the world. A huge part of them is located in Wales. They say in Wales there are over six hundred castles and still counting. Some of the most impressive gems in this collection make up the “iron ring” of fortresses built by king Edward I. Considered today...
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wales castle raglan castell
Once upon a time there stood a proud castle showing the prestige of one of the most powerful families of Britain. The most luxurious and sumptuous palace in Wales. It was called Raglan castle. It belonged to two families loyal to the British monarch from generation to generation. And yet it had to pay the...
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