city walls

Maybe Paella. Or Gaudi. For some FC Barcelona. For others nightlife and fiesta. Playa (beach). Catalonia. “Vicky Christina Barcelona” by Woody Allen. Seafood. Sagrada Familia. Whatever are your associations with Barcelona – there is so much more! Come with me for a great adventure hanging around this amazing city.
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"Camels only" parking with a perfectly well parked item in the foreground ;)
We all love to travel to places which call themselves the end of the world. Let me present you yet another one – Harar. Never heard of it? Then read further to learn more about this surprising place. Living in Europe or in North America you are most likely used to the fact that when...
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Palais Chantilly palace
Your dream holiday to France has finally arrived, you want to see all the places you have on your bucket list and have great pics to impress your friends. You come to the places you always heard about and discover that several hundred people have had the same idea and instead of enjoying great architecture...
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