Czaplickitravel – we are a family who loves to explore: travel addicts Michał & Gosia, our curious kids Laura & Bernard, and Michal’s sister Monika, who provides webmastering. 

If you are interested in historic destinations – travelling to places where the powerful and famous lived and died, film destinations – getting to know more about the places seen in the movies, short and thrilling city trips, discovering amazing nature or delicious culinary destinations – this blog is a place for you :-D. 

We love to discover cultural and natural heritage, travel on and off the beaten track. Whenever we have time, we share here all the treasures we can find. Michal visited 90 countries around the globe, travelled over 1 200 000 kilometers. He is still looking for new places to visit and now show it to our kids. Czaplickitravel has organised trips for our friends and family, always trying to go beyond wikipedia, bringing to light some of the magnificent places you probably never heard of. If you want to know more about us, you can find our story here. Have fun!

 Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller


Ibn Battuta

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Luxembourg – a charming capital ready to be discovered

Let's see some examples of pocket size capitals which we can certainly recommend. Each one is different and each one has its merits. Today - Luxembourg.
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Dordrecht – the oldest city of Holland

I’ve been passing next to Dordrecht on my trips to the Netherlands many times and I thought it’s just a dull industrial town until a Dutch friend of mine told me how wrong I was. It took me a few years to correct my mistake, but now that I’ve finally made it there, I fully...
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Orvieto Cathedral – architectural jewel with an unmistakable facade

There are hundreds of cathedrals in the world. Many seem to look alike. And then there are those, which seem totally unique. Once you see them - you recognise them immidiately. The cathedral of Orvieto certainly belongs to the latter group.
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Our 14 best places on the Alsace wine route

Alsace is world-known for its great wines produced in fairytale-like towns and villages. They are located on the Alsace wine route, which we have travelled many times. The whole route is 170 km long and is one of the oldest wine routes in the world. Let us take you there!
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A Handful of Destinations

A sample of various places Czaplickitravel has been to. Click on the pictures to know more.

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