We have been taught about the glory of Ancient Empires like Greece, Rome and others. We’ve seen the magnificent cities and buildings they built on movies. Huge and impressive, filled up with rows of columns, fully decorated and imposing. A true “Wow!”. And then you come to the actual ancient site and see heaps of...
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Petra Jordan
Many of our posts describe places very few have heard of. This time it’s the exact opposite – we go for one of the 7 wonders of the contemporary world. Each one of you has probably seen the magnificent pictures of Petra looking like from an Indiana Jones movie. Well – in fact it did...
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Edward I Cearnarfon castle Wales
Britain has the largest collection of castles in the world. A huge part of them is located in Wales. They say in Wales there are over six hundred castles and still counting. Some of the most impressive gems in this collection make up the “iron ring” of fortresses built by king Edward I. Considered today...
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Abbaye de Montmajour
I must admit that I particularly enjoy visiting places like Abbaye de Montmajour. Presenting an imposing architectural ensemble, built from local stone, calm and uncrowded. Like many other great abbeys we have seen, it has a unique atmosphere and genius loci, deriving from the fact that it used to be a place of solitude, work...
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