Travelling is in our blood. Most of us learned how to travel before learning how to walk. Here is our story…

Michal left Poland at the age of three and grew up in Africa, where he went to school. His sister Monika joined him during their stay in Zambia. In 1989 they moved back to Poland and started travelling around Europe and to other continents. In 2005 Michal moved from Poland to Belgium and from there he continued his passion. He wanted to know his new home inside out and each Sunday organised trips to every corner of the land of fries, chocolate and beer. He soon had a 300 people crowd who followed him and the trips got bigger, longer and more complex.

Soon afterwards Michal met Gosia and they fell in love. Where did they meet? Yes, you guessed it right – during a trip to Aachen. When did Gosia realize that Michal is the one for her? During another trip, this time to Dresden. When did she decide to move into his apartment? During a trip to the land of Ch’ti…

When Gosia and Michal decided to start a family, their common journey through life soon turned into actual travelling. When Laura and Bernard were born, it was natural that they would be travelling along and they soon started enjoying it as much as the other members of CZAPLICKITRAVEL team.

Monika in the meantime developed her own company and activities which made her travel a lot around Poland and Europe.

We travelled ever since we remember. We travelled as kids, we travelled as teens on family trips just simply to get to know Europe and beyond. We travelled to discover art and architectural heritage, nature and cities, further and further, to see the world and its wonders. As adults we have been travelling for work, seizing every opportunity to visit nearby tourist attractions. Travel addicts – when going on holidays to Spain, we visit every possible site in France on the way, when going to Poland we visit Germany, when going to Italy we visit Switzerland. It is not important how quickly we get there but what we see on our way. As years passed, we gathered a rather huge bunch of photos, guides, books, trip souvenirs that tell stories about places we had visited. We have decided that time has come to share all of this treasures here on this blog, to preserve memories but also to let others learn about the places off the beaten track.

Welcome everyone!