There are hundreds of cathedrals in the world. Many seem to look alike. And then there are those, which seem totally unique. Once you see them - you recognise them immidiately. The cathedral of Orvieto certainly belongs to the latter group.
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We all love the charm of St Valentine’s Day – the anonymous love letters, the red hearts, the romantic dinners, the chocolate gifts… but do you actually know who Saint Valentine was, what did he do, where can you find him and what does he have to do with love? Here is the answer –...
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Axum stela
“The queen of Sheba came to Jerusalem “with a very great retinue, with camels bearing spices, and very much gold, and precious stones” (I Kings 10:2). “Never again came such an abundance of spices” (10:10; II Chron. 9:1–9) as those she gave to Solomon. She came “to prove him with hard questions,” which Solomon answered...
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