Ethiopia is a very mountainous country and most of it is located on a very high altitude. This Ethiopian plateau suddenly halts close to the Eritrean border as it comes close to the shore of the Red Sea. The Simien Mountains, which are the northernmost Mountains of the Ethiopian plateau, abruptly drop around 2000 meters down to reach sea level. It look totally stunning. It looks like the Grand Canyon to which someone forgot to add the other side. Simply amazing, especially as there is nearly no tourist infrastructure, so you are engulfed by pure nature.

Most of people in the world have heard of or seen the Grand Canyon. It is one of the must sees when you are in the US. The Americans are very good in promoting it, with several hotels, restaurants and other touristic points which are omnipresent along its edge. Rafting, helicopter rides, imax 3D cinemas, everything you need to enjoy the Canyon awaits the hordes of tourists.

Simien Nature beauty
Simien Nature beauty


Well – if you want to see a similar attraction in size, but without the tourist adds on, then come to Ethiopia and visit the Simien Mountains. Here you will even not find barriers blocking you from falling 1000 meters down – you are walking on your own risk and have to use your own common sense.

The views are spectacular and breathtaking. It is simply one of the marvels of nature. Walk around and let nature surprise you. Make lots of photos and enjoy!

Am I not beautiful?
Am I not beautiful?



When you will slowly get used to the magnitude of the rift, you will start to discover other aspects of nature present. The Simien Mountains are a Nature Reserve, hence has a very limited presence of humans. This allows the fauna and flora to flourish.
We had the luck to meet quite a huge amount of baboons, which walk there freely. They joined us in our picnic which we had on a slope over the girdle. Both they and us enjoyed exchanging food and photos.
If we had more time, we could have seen other animals which are typical for the park, namely the Simien fox, the Walya Ibex (one of the most endagered mammals in the world) or the Tawny Eagle.


Baboons are quite common in the Simien Mountains
Baboons are quite common in the Simien Mountains


* * *

If you are a nature lover, then Simien Mountains are a place for you to see. I had the privilege to already see quite a few places in the world, but the Simien Mountains remain among those places which influenced me a lot and are deep in my memory. That is why I can certainly recommend you to visit this unique place!

down, down, down....
down, down, down….

Bibliography & further read

Simien Mountains have been classified by UNESCO as one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

The Simien Mountains National Park has its own website too which we can recommend.




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