Luxembourg - pocket-size capital ready to be discovered

Luxembourg is often overlooked in the grand European tours. And yet, the Duchy has lots to offer. Some may even call it a paradise. It is one of the richest places on Earth and at the same time one of the most safest.

To make things more special, once you come here, it’s hard to notice the wealth at first site. Luxemburgians don’t like to show off with their wealth. But still, if you look closer, you’ll find an abnormal amount of Porsche’s, Lamborghinis and Ferraris parked on the streets – one of the cheapest fuel prices in Western Europe has a visual impact on the country.

If you go beyond the capital, you’ll find cosy villages on the banks of the Mosel River, impressive castles nested in the Ardennes Mountains, hiking and biking opportunities…the Duchy will surprise you more and more as you discover it better and better!


Living in Belgium we visited Luxembourg several times and we can recommend you to consider visiting this quite unique place.