Orvieto Cathedral – architectural jewel with an unmistakable facade
Gelato - a fascinating story of the Italian ice cream
Neapolitan pizza - a taste worth travelling for
Paestum - welcome to 600 BC
Saint Valentine's Day – but do you know who Saint Valentine was and where to meet him?

Everybody loves Italy. Great place for summer holidays with delicious food, good weather and leisurely atmosphere.
For us Italy is overwhelming with a never ending list of places we would love to visit. Whenever we come to Italy, we try to see as much as possible and come back home with the feeling that we ought to have stayed there for a month more (at least) to see all what we wanted just in the subregion we were visiting.
The cultural heritage of Italy could easily be split among 10 other countries and they still would be full of great destinations to visit.
Italy however can sometimes be overwhelming, noisy and tiresome, chaotic and unorganised, but that does add to the its charm. It’s like an Italian coffee – it tastes best when drunk more often in smaller quantities, but shouldn’t be in drunk several shots one after another.