What to eat in Catalonia? Being in Barcelona, we can decide on three types of food (which can be mixed up): seafood and fish because of the proximity of the sea, we can expect delicious fish (cod is popular and some other white fish, but try sardines!), fresh seafood (octopus, shrimps, mussels, oysters, etc.). This...
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Maybe Paella. Or Gaudi. For some FC Barcelona. For others nightlife and fiesta. Playa (beach). Catalonia. “Vicky Christina Barcelona” by Woody Allen. Seafood. Sagrada Familia. Whatever are your associations with Barcelona – there is so much more! Come with me for a great adventure hanging around this amazing city.
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La lonja de la seda
La Lonja de la seda is one of those places, we love to promote on our blog. Beautiful, stunning, surprising and unknown. Free of crowds. A place where you can stand, shout “wow” (either loud or in your soul) and then contemplate the beauty without being pushed around. Want to know what is it and...
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